Providing the training for a skilled, knowledgeable and able workforce




The Pueblo Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee will provide a skilled, knowledgeable and able workforce for the union electrical industry in the Southeastern Colorado area.


Rewarding Career!

Join the IBEW Apprenticeship and you'll become indentured into an agreement for fair wages, start earning your retirement and receive benefits while you learn on the job and become one of the nation's top electricians with opportunities to learn more and grow your skills.

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Journeymen Classes

Continue your education as a journeyman in the electrical industry.View our current schedule of upcoming continuing education and upgrade classes.



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View our current awards for:


• Outstanding New Apprentice

• Apprentice of the Year



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Equal Opportunity Employment Pledge

Pueblo Electrical JATC will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, part 30.

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Apprenticeship Opportunities

Inside Construction Electrician


Program Requirements & Process

Thinking about becoming an electrician? Joining an IBEW apprenticeship is an excellent way to beginning a career in the electrical trade.


• You can apply at 17 years of age and must be a minimum age 18 years old to be indentured.
• High school graduate/GED/two-year Associate Degree or higher
• Show successful completion of high school algebra or post high school algebra course with a passing grade
• Provide an official transcript for high school and post high school education and training – GED records must be submitted

  1. Select a Program

    • Inside Wireman
    • Outside Lineman
    • Technician (Sound & Communication)
    • Residential Wireman

    Not every apprenticeship offers all these programs. The outside lineman apprenticeship is only offered at training centers specifically tailored to that program.

  2. Take Aptitude Test

    Obtain a qualifying score of "4" or higher, using the electrical trade's aptitude test developed and validated by the American Institutes for Research. The aptitude test consists of two parts – Algebra and Functions, and Reading Comprehension. This online test is given at the our training center and takes approximately two and a half hours to complete.

  3. Interview

    Applicants who qualify for an oral interview will be notified of the interview date and time. Applicants will be interviewed by the committee representing both NECA and the IBEW.