Available Apprenticeship Programs


Inside Wireman Apprenticeship

Wages for this program start at 50% of Journeyman Scale.

The apprenticeship includes a combination of on-the-job training and coursework. Your on-the-job training will usually consist of a standard forty hour work week with a contractor we assign you to. Courses usually take place in the evening, twice a week, with the occasional Saturday class. The combination of working and taking classes simultaneously makes for a rigorous schedule. Please consider whether you are prepared to invest the time and energy it will take in order to be successful in the apprenticeship.

A requirement of completing this program is earning your Journeyman's license. The current Journeyman wage is $31.90. Before you receive your license, you will receive a certain percentage of the Journeyman wage, depending on what pay period you have reached. You receive periodic pay increases throughout the program.

How to Apply

Other Apprenticeship Programs

Not every apprenticeship offers all these programs. The outside lineman apprenticeship is only offered at training centers specifically tailored to that program and others are offered based on demand.

Residential Wireman Apprenticeship

Available upon demand


Telecommunications Installer-Technician Apprenticeship

Available upon demand